The research is clear: employees who focus on their strengths and manage their weaknesses are more productive, less stressed and more engaged with their work. This workshop is great for individuals and teams looking for an edge to boost performance. It’s practical, interesting and guaranteed to hold their attention.

Can be delivered as a 1/2-day, one-day, or 1.5-day seminar designed to improve engagement, productivity, and well being by helping participants identify their ‘signature’ strengths and use them more effectively. The seminar is backed by over 30 years of research and gives participants to learn, grow, and connect to others.


  • Identify your ‘signature’ strengths
  • Share your strengths with colleagues
  • Determine how you can use your talents and strengths to improve your effectiveness & well being
  • Identify how your strengths can be an asset to your team
  • Maximize the strengths of others on your team


  1. Definition of realized strengths, unrealized strengths, weaknesses, and learned behaviors
  2. Identification of signature strengths
  3. Sharing with group to enhance team awareness and development ideas
  4. Planning use of strengths in new ways to improve performance
  5. Managing weaknesses and learned behaviors
  6. Team planning (for intact teams only)

Who Should Attend

  • Intact teams looking for a new, engaging way to tackle professional development and team development at once
  • Individuals interested in find new ways to improve their own levels of engagement
  • Leaders who are searching for a methodology to bring out the best in their team

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