Executive Coaching

Why work with an executive coach?

Today’s executives have more demands placed upon them than ever before. As an executive, you are expected to overcome a variety of obstacles (both internal and external), be two steps ahead of the competition, develop a sound strategy and manage day-to-day issues. Executive Coaching gives you a chance to collaborate with an experienced, credentialed professional who will give honest feedback, help you set and manage appropriate goals and partner with you based on your personality and the needs of the organization.

How does a typical coaching engagement work?

DRH Leadership customizes the path for each coaching client. Most clients, however, generally follow this path:

  • Interview-based 360
  • 360 Feedback provided in person
  • Goal-setting
  • Bi-weekly meetings (in-person, phone or Skype as per the needs of the client)
  • Email and phone support between scheduled meetings, as needed
  • Observation of client in several meetings or interactions
  • Mid-point check-in to gauge progress
  • Close out meeting to discuss progress towards goals and tools in place to continue progress

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