We Inspire Individuals and Organizations to Reach Their Potential

DRH Leadership is a team of seasoned professionals who are passionate about helping clients. We are experts in the area of human dynamics and organizational effectiveness.


What We Do

We help our clients help themselves. We do this with professional skills workshops, executive coaching, team coaching and management consulting. And, we have fun doing it.

Who We Serve

Our consultants and coaches have worked with organizations of various sizes, industries and sectors. But, they all have something in common – they all believe that with the proper tools and coaching that individuals and teams can learn and improve.



We help our clients achieve meaningful results. We give you a fresh perspective by asking provocative questions and re-focus on what is important.


When he delivers a keynote address, your audience will experience the passion, humility, vulnerability and curiosity that is Doug Hensch.


When you need objectivity the most, our coaches help remove any internal bias and provide executives with a one-on-one experience that is not possible with training.

Positively Resilient

What is resilience? Is it just a fancy way to characterize a hopeful, upbeat personality or a positive spirit of never giving up? In Positively Resilient, I aim to take a different look at what turns out to be a much richer and deeper concept than just bouncing back from adversity.

Martin Seligman, considered the father of positive psychology, has likened resilience to clearing the weeds from a rose garden, which can only reach its potential if the weeds are kept in check. Human beings face “weeds” of their own: Layoffs, health issues, stock market crashes, threats of terrorism, and natural disasters are all too common. Americans are busier, more stressed, and more anxious and depressed than they were during the Great Depression.


Anne Loehr

Coach & Consultant
Anne Loehr is an internationally sought after keynote speaker, writer, consultant, and trainer.

Christine Clapp

Facilitator & Consultant
Since 2008, her workshops and consulting engagements have helped thousands of professionals craft memorable presentations.

Barry L. Coleman, MSOD

Organization Development Consultant
Barry Coleman is an OD consultant specializing in training, design and facilitation, coaching, diversity and inclusion management.

Brad Sterl, PCC SPHR

Organizational Development & Change Consultant
Brad brings over 25 years of experience in HR and people related issues to provide results for business and other organizations.

Lori Zukin

Coach & Consultant
Over more than two decades as a consultant and coach, Lori has coached executives at the C-Suite and across multiple sectors.



Give and Take – Why Helping Others Drives Our Success

Stop for a moment and think about the typical person who rises to the position of CEO or any other C-suite position in the for-profit world. What are some of the common attributes of this person? How does he or she get this lofty position? Now, consider the axiom of “Nice guys finish last.” Do you think this is true?

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