The DRH Group has a library of off-the-shelf workshops based on science AND geared towards the work environment. 

Our most popular workshops are as follows:

Making Better Decisions

Some research estimates that each of us makes thousands of decisions, every day. This one-day workshop gives participants a menu of incredibly simple tools that they apply to their personal situations. The tools include options for making more effective decisions on both the individual and team/group levels.

Leader as Coach

Many of our clients are attempting to create a coaching culture. Simply telling employees what to do and expecting highly motivated individuals to respond is not going to cut it anymore. This one-day workshop gives leaders a handful of simple skills that can transform their interactions with employees and unleash the talent of their teams.

Building and Maintaining Trust

Collaboration, remote work and rapid change require higher degrees of trust. This science-backed workshop takes a look at how leaders and individuals are building and maintaining trust. We use our participants real-world situations to help them walk away with practical tools that they can begin using immediately.

Re-Thinking Conflict

What would it look like if we had a new approach to disagreement and conflict? How would more effective dialogue and disagreement impact our effectiveness at work? Research shows that innovation and creativity would improve while employee engagement would sore.

Creative Problem Solving

Over 40 years of research, testing and real-world experience have helped experts develop an effective process for increasing creativity through problem-solving. This process can enhance the innovation and creativity of individuals, teams and groups.

Developing Emotional Intelligence

The capacity to be aware of, control, and express one’s emotions, and to handle interpersonal relationships judiciously and empathetically is critical for employees at all levels. This interactive workshop uses the EQ-i 2.0 assessment to help participants learn more about themselves and build a plan for leading and teaming more effectively.

Building a Strengths-Based Career

The research is clear: employees who focus on their strengths and manage their weaknesses are more productive, less stressed and more engaged with their work. This workshop is great for individuals and teams looking for an edge to boost performance. It’s practical, interesting and guaranteed to hold their attention.

5 Secrets to Resilience

Education, experience and training are all incredibly important. None of them, however, compare to resilience in helping your employees work through the daily obstacles and adversities (big and small) that they face on a regular basis. We use science and personal experience to make this one of our most highly requested workshops for teams and individuals