Every day, we are faced with dozens of decisions – big and small…important and seemingly insignificant. This one-day workshop presents participants with science and anecdotes that demonstrate effective ways for examining issues, coming to conclusions and making difficult decisions. The workshop takes an active and practical approach to the issues by allowing participants to work on their own decisions and problems to practice the skills immediately.


  • What does the research tell us about decision-making?
  • What mindset can serve us well when making decisions?
  • What is a basic process we can use for all or most of our decisions?
  • What are the most common ‘traps’ we face in making decisions?
  • What tools are available to us to make better decisions?
  • How do we make better decisions with groups and teams?


  1. Short review of the research
  2. Identifying decisions to work on
  3. A simple process for decision-making
  4. Listing the most common ‘traps’
  5. Working with science-backed tools to be more effective
  6. Identifying and choosing the best decision mode

Who Should Attend

  • Individuals interested in finding new ways to build trustful relationships
  • Intact teams looking for a new, engaging way to tackle this issue
  • Leaders who are searching for a methodology to bring out the best in their team

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