Today’s workplace is fast-paced, filled with extensive meetings, rapid deadlines and changing priorities. Conflict is common and those who handle it effectively have lower levels of stress and higher levels of productivity. What’s their secret? People who are ‘good’ at conflict find ways to collaborate for effective solutions and deeper relationships. This workshop will help participants understand their conflict style and what the experts recommend to come out ahead.


  • Define conflict
  • List the key principles that govern conflict
  • Describe the benefits of effectively managing conflict
  • Identify the most common forms of conflict in your organization
  • Identify your conflict style along with strengths and weaknesses of that approach
  • Create a conflict plan of action


  1. How do we typically frame conflict?
  2. What does the research tell us about disagreement, learning and conflict?
  3. What is my go-to style for conflict?
  4. What are the strengths and weaknesses of my approach?
  5. When should I move a different style?
  6. What tools can I employ to be more effective in conflict situations?

Who Should Attend

  • Intact teams looking for a new, engaging way to tackle professional development and team development at once
  • Individuals interested in find new ways to improve their own levels of engagement
  • Leaders who are searching for a methodology to bring out the best in their team

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