Yes, you heard that right. This might be the worst recession in 70 years, but it’s time to quit. If all those long hours, uninteresting tasks, and difficult projects are contributing to your unhappiness, just quit. In fact, a recent survey by Gallup shows that being disengaged at work may be correlated with higher levels of depression and anxiety. So, before you let your job really get you down, give your employer a pink slip.

Of course, don’t do this in the literal sense. For your own sake, make a break from your job and create a ‘calling.’ Gallup’s survey finally gives us some data to back up what is fairly intuitive: If you are not happy with the work that you do for 40+ hours a week, it makes it more difficult to be happy, overall.

Just follow a couple of simple steps to be more engaged with your work:

  1. Questionnaire #1: First, take a short test on to see how your view your work. Is it a job, a career, or a calling?
  2. Questionnaire #2: Next, determine your top strengths. You can do this by taking another assessment (keep in mind it’s 240 questions long), completing the ‘short’ strengths survey, or just asking those that know you best.
  3. Job Description: Get a copy of your job description and determine how you will use your top strengths to excel in each one of your role requirements.
  4. Meaning: Take a moment to list all the ways that your role contributes to the success of your team, your organization, your family, and even society. Determine what would happen if your role did not exist or it was eliminated. Who would be affected and how?
  5. Goals: Now, set some challenging but achievable goals for yourself and review them often.

For some people, this can be a very difficult checklist. For others, it will come fairly naturally. In the end, though the effort you put into this may have a substantial impact on your overall life satisfaction and your productivity. Let me know what you learn!


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